Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Contributing Author Cheryl Nordyke


Cheryl Nordyke has been a member of Cambridge Who's Who since April 2008. She is the co-owner of Wavelet Productions dba Waves of Gratitude. Waves of Gratitude is an online retail store that sells inspirational jewelry incorporating two or more wave designs from the wave collection into a versatile pendant. The waves were created by fashion designer Jessica Fields to represent gratitude, a sentiment which is given and received just as the waves of the ocean constantly flow to and from the shore. Cheryl’s expertise is in business development, sales, marketing, customer relations and business planning.

After facing several trials and tribulations, including unemployment, Cheryl moved from California to New England to begin a new life for herself and her daughter. She decided to become an entrepreneur and start her own business. She founded Waves of Gratitude with Carrin Torres and Kim Wierman, two women who had also endured life-changing experiences and shared her positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. They decided that they would produce a product that embodies the phrase “thank you” and serves as a long-lasting symbol of gratitude. For more information about Waves of Gratitude and how they got started, please read "Over 40 and Redefining Unemployment through Entrepreneurship".

Cheryl is a member of the New Hampshire Retail Association and received a certification through the Dale Carnegie Program. She has received the Human Relationships Award from Colonial Ford, National City, CA and currently supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Jimmy Fund and the American Heart Association. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Cheryl has been writing since the age of 10 and has been consistently recording her thoughts and ideas about different situations along life’s path. She is the co-author of But What Do We Know, a compilation of insights on how to approach daily situations in a positive way. The book provides three different points of view into different aspects of life such as friends, family and parenting. In addition, Cheryl has written several children’s books.

Cheryl attributes her success to her hard work and determination as well as to receiving continuous support from her mentors. She enjoys building and maintaining relationships with customers and within five years she plans to invest in small business ventures and share her business knowledge with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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