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    Etiquette Tips for Online Networkers

    By Cambridge Who's Who Contributing Author Chi Chi Okezie

    Online networking is great tool for expanding your network and cultivating relationships with your existing contacts. For online networking to be beneficial for all parties involved, it is important to follow a few etiquette tips while establishing and maintaining business and personal relationships. People are most likely to do business with those whom they like, trust and respect. In order to create a good rapport with others, it is essential to conduct business in a professional manner. Business protocol is very easy and practical to achieve, and its rewards are powerful. This article is filled with helpful tips for establishing sound business relationships, treating your colleagues with respect and demonstrating professionalism while engaging in online networking.

    #1: Follow up
    An excellent way to build your credibility is to follow up in a timely manner and stay connected. Following up shows that you are focused and business minded in your endeavors. Failure to follow up can create gaps in communication that can hinder the progress on your online networking. It is also good to stay in contact with your business counterparts since you are communicating online and not seeing each other in person. You should not let an extensive amount of time lapse in your communication efforts. Even if you do not have any particular news to share, sending a quick message is always a good idea.

    #2: Be Patient
    When meeting people and conducting business over the internet, always exercise patience. Allow your business counterparts sufficient time to respond to your requests, comments, suggestions or questions. Being demanding or overbearing can appear aggressive or insensitive when conducting business or establishing relationships.

    #3: Get Permission
    No matter what you do or suggest, always ask for permission. It is a form of courtesy and consideration, which shows that you respect the other person's privacy. Asking permission in advance improves your credibility and trust factor especially when conducting business over the internet. Ask for permission to include your counterparts on an email listing or advertisement. If you would like to introduce them to potential customers or clients also ask for their permission before making a formal online introduction of the two parties. Also, make sure that it is OK to refer them to others with their direct contact information.

    #4: Say Thank You
    Using the phrase "thank you" and showing an appreciation for others' efforts is very important when conducting meaningful business. There are several creative ways of displaying a gracious attitude over the internet. You can close your message with a "thanks in advance" sentence or email a thank you e-card. Another great way of showing appreciation is by referring your business counterpart or creating awareness about their business to friends and colleagues. And follow up with them in regards to the progress of the professional or social endeavor in which they agreed to offer assistance. This is also a great way to stay connected with your business counterpart.

    The above tips and suggestions will increase your professionalism and help you to develop strong and meaningful business relations. Remember that the key to successful online networking is to respect and show appreciation for your business counterparts.

    Chi Chi Okezie joined Cambridge Who's Who in June 2007. Using the resources and networking tools available to her via Cambridge Who's Who membership, Chi Chi was able to receive additional exposure for her company on, including a feature in the Cambridge Business (CamBizTM) Directory, Announcements, Who's Who in the News and Cambridge Events sections. SIMPLEnetworking LLC will also be spotlighted in the Featured Business section of the upcoming Cambridge Who's Who e-newsletter, "Who's News."

    Cambridge Who's Who applauds Ms. Okezie for taking full advantage of her Cambridge Who's Who member benefits and thanks her for the kind words about our services and staff that she submitted for the Cambridge Who's Who Success Stories website.

    For more information on Chi Chi Okezie and SIMPLEnetworking, LLC, please view her contributing author profile.

    Monday, March 17, 2008

    Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Online Networking

    By Cambridge Who's Who Contributing Author Chi Chi Okezie

    Networking is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. It is an amazing means of allowing professionals to build relationships, grow their businesses, tap into resources, develop business skills and brand themselves within their industry or profession. Entrepreneurs can network within their jobs, clubs, organizations, associations and now online. Internet networking proves to be just as effective as in-person networking while adding several benefits for professional and social success.

    Online networking is an excellent tool that entrepreneurs should invest in to develop their businesses. There are several advantages to online networking over traditional networking methods. Listed below are five key benefits of online networking that will open your mind to a host of endless opportunities for yourself and your business:

    #1: Online networking increases and diversifies your network.
    Online networking gives entrepreneurs a chance to develop relationships with several contacts at one time. Professionals can meet several people and communicate in a broader way than they are able to at face-to-face networking events. Business people are able to meet a wider variety of people through online networking. Usually, networking events will attract certain groups of people, depending on who is sponsoring the event. With online networking, many different industries are represented within the group.

    #2: Online networking makes you more accessible to others.
    Having a virtual business presence enables professionals to be contacted much faster than by phone or mail. Your ability to be accessible and reached easily allows you to conduct business in an efficient and productive manner. You are able to organize and execute projects and agendas in effectively, which can greatly affect your bottom line and give you a clear advantage over your competitors. It will also improve your credibility and image for your company, brand or service.

    #3: Online networking shatters time and geographical boundaries.
    By networking online, entrepreneurs are able to reach the world from their computer. Using the internet and email allows professionals to send messages to business counterparts during any time of the day from any location to be received anywhere around the world. The flexibility and practical aspects of connecting and building relationships online expands your target audiences and your network of clients, customers, colleagues, vendors, partners, investors and even employees.

    #4: Online networking can be an excellent low-cost marketing tool.
    One of the best advantages of online networking is the ability to showcase yourself and your company, products, services or brand. As entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for ways to create awareness, and online networking offers that unique benefit. Many websites allow members to post pictures, profiles, articles, books and various marketing materials for advertisements and announcements. Entrepreneurs can then share their online content with their clients, customers and business colleagues.

    #5: Online networking allows entrepreneurs to develop professional skills.
    Many online networking groups and companies offer incentives and benefits to their members, which can be extremely valuable to business and personal development. Blogs, articles, book recommendations, online seminars, teleseminars, announcements of local and national business events and discounts on business publications or services are just a few resources that entrepreneurs can use for success.

    Entrepreneurs should consider investing in online networking for their professional and social endeavors. Online networking creates many resources for businesses and gives entrepreneurs flexibility in their business dealings. It is one more effective tool that can be used to accomplish business and social goals.

    Chi Chi Okezie joined Cambridge Who's Who in June 2007. Using the resources and networking tools available to her via Cambridge Who's Who membership, Chi Chi was able to receive additional exposure for her company on, including a feature in the Cambridge Business (CamBizTM) Directory, Announcements, Who's Who in the News and Cambridge Events sections. SIMPLEnetworking LLC will also be spotlighted in the Featured Business section of the upcoming Cambridge Who's Who e-newsletter, "Who's News."

    Cambridge Who's Who applauds Ms. Okezie for taking full advantage of her Cambridge Who's Who member benefits and thanks her for the kind words about our services and staff that she submitted for the Cambridge Who's Who Success Stories website.

    For more information on Chi Chi Okezie and SIMPLEnetworking, LLC, please view her contributing author profile.

    Cambridge Who's Who Contributing Writer Chinonyerem (Chi Chi) Okezie

    Chi Chi Okezie has six years of business consulting and instruction experience. She offers seminars, classes and presentations on the following topics: professional etiquette, social networking, image consulting and cultural awareness for non-profit organizations, professional groups, schools, universities and companies. Chi Chi is owner and founder of SIMPLEnetworking, LLC, a consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA.

    Clients and colleagues alike refer to her as charming, amusing and accommodating, but Chi Chi Okezie's main interest when conducting business is to make a connection with every person she encounters. As a daughter of Nigerian immigrants, Chi Chi has a diverse cultural background and enjoys learning about cultures and languages while traveling to foreign countries. Fluent in French and English and knowledgeable in Ibo (Nigerian language), this entrepreneur uses all her skills and talents to create opportunities in business and education.

    Satisfied clients of SIMPLEnetworking include: Emory University; Georgia Institute of Technology; DeVry University; Delta Air Lines; National Society of Black Engineers; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Mu-Alpha Chapter); EEI-Inc.; Reach-One Inc.; Cleanis-Paris, France; French-American Chamber of Commerce-Atlanta; JCI-Atlanta; and Ann Taylor.

    Chi Chi recently published a travel size guide for networking filled with tips, tactics and techniques for networking like a pro! SIMPLEnetworking: Creating Opportunities...The new form of success! will teach you how to polish your professional approach to networking, build relationships and follow-up with your contacts in an effective and timely manner. To read an excerpt or to purchase her book, please visit For more information about SIMPLEnetworking LLC, visit or email

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    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    Cambridge Who's Who Contributing Author Chi Chi Okezie Publishes Networking Guide

    Cambridge Who's Who would like to congratulate member, Chi Chi Okezie, owner and producer of SIMPLEnetworking on publishing her new book, "SIMPLEnetworking: Creating Opportunities...the new form of success!" Okezie's book is a travel-sized guide filled with networking tips, tactics and techniques. To read an excerpt or to purchase this book please visit

    SIMPLEnetworking provides seminars to help students, young professionals and business women to enhance their professional, social and cultural skills. For more information about SIMPLEnetworking visit or email

    Cambridge Who's Who Contributing Writer Chi Chi Okezie's Biography

    Thursday, March 6, 2008

    Cambridge Who's Who Strategies for Successful Networking

    Networking is the ability to maximize and expand your current relationships while discovering new ones to further develop your growth. Networking creates new business and career opportunities; it is a means to evaluate, assess and approach potential clients and business associates. To be successful, you must invest time in learning specific techniques and methods that will help you to develop your networking skill set. In particular, research, interaction and self-presentation are essential to effective networking. Anyone is able to hone their skills by utilizing the tools available on professional networking websites such as

    It is not just the exchange of contact information that is important. It is also crucial to create follow-up strategies to develop relationships with those whose information you have collected. Joining an organization like Cambridge Who’s Who that offers an online networking platform will generate more results than cold calling or mass emailing. Many contacts and jobs are found through the internet, as each person you interact with online has his/her own set of contacts who would be valuable additions to your personal or professional network. So while you should make it a priority to keep the lines of communication open with your confirmed contacts, focus also on tapping into their network and requesting introductions to contacts with whom they have established relationships. The success you have in business greatly depends on making your network channels lucrative. Consider what benefits can be derived from successful networking: you are able to gather information to produce positive results; it is an avenue to share leads, ideas and expertise; it is a path to accomplish goals through synergy and teamwork; it is a means of feedback to validate the accuracy of your own ideas; it is also a channel to promote your ideas or products.

    Today with the advancement in technology and accessibility to worldwide markets, effectiveness in networking is essential. Efficient networking benefits you by reducing the low yield odds of working alone. Leveraging your relationships with fellow members in professional societies such as Cambridge Who’s Who increases your productivity by expanding your resources and creating greater results in less time. Learn to capitalize on your interactions and convers ations with others. Learn how to use the tools provided through membership. At Cambridge Who’s Who, creating a robust profile, advertising in Events, Marketplace and CamBiz and activating your CWW Email account will make you more available to those seeking to network. Updating your settings so that Cambridge brings the events, Marketplace ads, CamBizlistings and member profiles of interest right to you will save you time and energy.

    Expanding your network takes a conscious effort. Start by searching through a registry or networking database like the one provided to Cambridge Who’s Who members. Create a list of those members you find of interest. Include their name, title, company name, industry, major skills and achievements and contact information and specify why you are interested in networking with them. Then make a list of your skills, professional accomplishments and short-term and long-term goals. Be clear about what you have to offer others and what you are seeking from others. This will help you tremendously when you are ready to reach out to potential contacts via telephone or email.

    Conversation is the key tool to networking. Simply contacting a person is not enough. The interaction that you have with them is what unites you or separates you. A very good contact may well be lost due to poor communication skills. A person who is overbearing or self-promoting will always be avoided. Prepare yourself beforehand. Research your members, read up on their industry and profession and become informed. Be natural; it is easy to pick up on someone who is trying too hard. Be a good listener; let others talk about their business and interests and take your cue when it is your time to chime in. The way that you present yourself will have a lasting impact on how you are received by others.

    Collecting and exchanging email addresses can build your network rather quickly. The addresses you accumulate can be the beginning of new friendships, professional relationships and business opportunities. To be successful, you must present yourself as a professional. Keep in mind that you need to build a rapport with others before they will consider you as a valuable and trustworthy contact. Use a professional email address and send personalized emails instead of form letters. A person’s online biographical profile will say a lot about them. When storing their information into your email account, write notes about them in the section provided. This will help you to recall how you obtained their contact information, what existing affiliations you may have to them and why you would like them to be part of your network. A personal CWW Email account allows you to add additional information such as alternate email addresses, phone numbers, websites, screen names, photos and much more. These notes will help you to remember the people in your online address book and provide additional ways to contact them should they relocate or change jobs in the future.

    When you are networking, do not use the people you meet strictly for gain. Ambition without consideration and gratitude does not promote lasting relationships. An ideal networking relationship is one in which both parties benefit from the connection. You will get out of your professional relationships as much time and effort as you put into them. Keep the attitude of giving first and receiving later. Successful networkers provide resources and initiate opportunities for others. Integrity is important; keep your word and do not promise what you cannot deliver.

    If you have not done so already, begin actively networking immediately. Today we have access to professionals from around the world through online business networks. Online networking is an exciting channel to use because it helps you to find new contacts easily and puts your name, skills and accomplishments on the map, so others will reach out to you. As the center of your network, you determine how much or little you will benefit from networking. Take advantage of the resources available to you, and you will make the contacts you need to be successful in your profession and in life. Cambridge Who’s Who provides you with the tools to build relationships, advance in your career and expand your business. Use Cambridge to open the door to a world of opportunities.

    Cambridge Who’s Who
    Bridging Who You Are with Who You Need to Know

    Wednesday, March 5, 2008

    Cambridge Who's Who Creates New Affiliate Programs

    Cambridge Who's Who has launched a new program for Cambridge Who's Who members - Cambridge Who's Who Affiliate Programs. Relationships have been established with a wide variety of well-known companies to expand the benefits that you receive through Cambridge Who's Who. Current affiliates include OfficeMax, Barnes & Nobles,,, Hertz, AT&T and many more!

    Shopping for office supplies? Look under business offers to see Cambridge Who's Who's affiliations with OfficeMax and Office Depot. Want to upgrade to the latest technology and software? Visit the technology section to find promotional offers from PC Mall and Adobe. The special offers and discounts available to you will help you to improve and grow the success of your business and enhance your everyday life. New affiliate programs are continually being added, so please check back frequently and take advantage of this great benefit!

    Cambridge Who's Who currently has affiliate programs in the following categories: Business Offers, Clothing, Electronics, Entertainment, Floral Services, Food & Beverage, Health, Insurance/Finance, Nursing, Retail, Technology and Travel.