Monday, May 19, 2008

The Best Experts Get Involved

Make the move from entrepreneur to expert by sharing your knowledge with others.

By Cambridge Who's Who Contributing Author and Member, Chi Chi Okezie

As an entrepreneur, your level of industry knowledge and experience can be a prime factor in determining your business success. Your potential clients, vendors and business partners should believe in your abilities as well as the products and services that your company offers. Developing your personal brand can greatly affect how people perceive you and influence their willingness to do business with you. Here are several ways in which you can define yourself as an expert in your field and position yourself and your company for success.

#1: Join an online networking group.
Globalization is becoming increasingly important in almost every industry. Get involved with an online networking group in order to create and expand awareness of your company, products and services. Building an international client base and developing relationships with professionals in other industries and geographical locations will enhance your credibility. It will also improve the appearance of your company or organization as it relates to cultural awareness and diversity.

#2: Write about what you do best.
Whether they will be published in a book, journal, newsletter, e-magazine, website or blog, write and submit articles on your industry or profession as it relates to your skill set and business knowledge. Keep your colleagues, customers and potential clients informed by updating them on recent industry trends and challenges. Offer solutions to problems that they or their companies may face. Help them to make decisions that will improve their business processes and practices.

#3: Teach an online class or teleseminar.
Teaching classes increases your visibility, credibility and professionalism. In particular, offering classes online allows you to reach a wider range of students (and potential clients) and can give you an edge over your competition. If you are more comfortable on the telephone, set up a teleseminar using a conference call service. Once you have selected your preferred method of communication, hold training sessions on your products and services. Lead professional or business development seminars to help others realize success in their endeavors. And offer additional coaching or one-on-one sessions for those who would like to learn more from you. The more value that you offer, the more people who will attend your classes and recommend you to others. Teaching will also strengthen your knowledge and experience in your field, thereby elevating your expert status.

#4: Do interviews with the media.
You can gain exposure and awareness from being interviewed by the media. There are several channels that entrepreneurs can use to soar in their professional and social endeavors. Online magazines, radio, press releases, blogs and newsletter interviews are excellent ways to build your image as an expert in your field. You can include transcripts of your interviews in your corporate media kit. This will build your credibility among your clients, colleagues and business counterparts.

Chi Chi Okezie joined Cambridge Who's Who in June 2007. Using the resources and networking tools available to her via Cambridge Who's Who membership, Chi Chi was able to receive additional exposure for her company on, including a feature in the Cambridge Business (CamBizTM) Directory, Announcements, Who's Who in the News and Cambridge Events sections. For more information on Chi Chi Okezie and SIMPLEnetworking, LLC, please view her contributing author profile.

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