Monday, May 12, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Contributing Author Jo DeMarco


Jo DeMarco is the president and chief executive officer of Contessa Knows; an online department store for men and women. The store features premium organic skincare products, apparel, jewelry, greeting cards, home accents and more for a sophisticated lifestyle. On the company website, she showcases her insights, reflections and creative writing through her books, greeting cards, note cards and stationary as well as Contessa's blog page which is not to be missed.

Jo has had several years of experience writing fiction. She has written novels, screenplays and whimsical books that focus on strong women, their roles and their experiences. She has a love for vintage romantic melodramas that, coupled with her passion and talent for writing, provides a platform for her to communicate tales of love, romance and good triumphing over evil. She is also the author of a children’s storybook, “One Little Christmas Tree.”

Her success is due to her strong faith, determination and desire to reach her goals. She views mistakes as an integral part of the learning process and necessary for personal growth and development. Jo studied at the Notre Dame School for Girls in Chicago, Illinois and total quality management under Dr. Donald Rice at Texas A&M University in 1994. She has also completed courses at the American Institute of Banking, American Management Association and Screenwriters Institute of Los Angeles. She is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America West and is the founder and creator of the Louis J. DeMarco Educational Foundation.

Articles by Jo DeMarco

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